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Sean Alfe

The Man, The Myth, The Folk Tale

It all started May 12th, 1992. Look in any textbook and it'll tell you that this was the day Sean Alfe was born. The clouds parted, letting the heavens' rays shine down upon him, and the world rejoiced, thinking this would be the mesiah to usher in a new Golden Age of Comedy.


They were wrong.


Sean Alfe is a South Jersey comedian, and the Least Funny Man in The World (as voted on by an independant panel of dentists). He performs at clubs, concerts, Bar Mitzvahs (or Bat Mitzvahs), birthday parties, and any other venue he's offered a microphone at. He's been influenced by such great comedians as George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg, David Letterman, Steven Wright, and Stephen Colbert, but unfortunately, shares nothing of their talent.

If you would like to contact Sean regarding booking info, email booking@seanalfe.com.